The Equestrian Center of Walnut Creek

"Keeping Horses in the Heart of our Community"
Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek, CA

The Equestrian Center Of Walnut Creek

Miniature Horse, Donkey, and Pony

Schooling Shows

Saturday, May 20th and Saturday, July 8th, 2017

@Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek

Registration and sign in @ 8:30am, Classes will begin at 9:00 am


  1. Pony at Halter, NOVICE
  2. Pony at halter, YOUTH 18 years and under
  3. Pony at halter,SENIOR 19 years and over
  4. Pony at Halter, OPEN
  5. Mini horse at Halter, NOVICE
  6. Mini Horse at Halter, YOUTH 18 years and under
  7. Mini Horse at Halter, SENIOR 19 years and up
  8. Mini Horse at Halter, OPEN, gelding and mares
  9. Mini Horse at halter, OPEN, Stallions
  10. Mini donkey at halter, NOVICE
  11. Mini donkey at halter, YOUTH/SENIOR/OPEN
  12. Multi-Color Pony/Mini Horse/Donkey OPEN
  13. Solid Color Pony/Mini Horse/Donkey OPEN


14. Showmanship, NOVICE

15. Showmanship, YOUTH 18 years and under

16. Showmanship, SENIOR 19 years and up

17. Showmanship, OPEN

Lead Line

18. Lead Line, Youth 7 years and under

15 Minute break to get ready for costume


19. Costume, OPEN


20. Liberty, Open

Lunch Break

Visit Snack Shack for Lunch!


21. Country Pleasure Driving, YOUTH 18 years and under

22. Country Pleasure Driving, SENIOR 19 years and up 

23. Country Pleasure Driving, OPEN

24. Country Pleasure Driving, Novice

10 Minute break for set up

Obstacle Driving

25. Obstacle Driving, YOUTH 18 years and under

26. Obstacle Driving, SENIOR 19 years and up

27. Obstacle Driving, Open

In Hand

28. In Hand Obstacle, YOUTH 18 years and younger

29. In Hand Obstacle, SENIOR, 19 years and up

30. In Hand Obstacle, OPEN

31. In Hand Hunter, YOUTH 18 years and under

32. In Hand Hunter, SENIOR 19 years and up

33. In Hand Hunter, Open

34. In Hand Jumper, YOUTH 18 years and under

35. In Hand Jumper, SENIOR 19 years and up

36. In Hand Jumper, OPEN

Egg and Spoon Race!

All You have to do is bring 5 dollars separate from entrance fee! We provide the eggs and spoons, You have to cross the finish line with your egg first! Sign up at show-- winner gets HALF THE POT!

Novice: Meaning you have never showed before.

Youth: Anyone under 18 years of age

Senior: Anyone 19 years of age and older

Open: Anyone can show with all ages and experience.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Apr 29 at 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Saturday, May 20 All Day
Tuesday, May 23 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, Jun 10 All Day

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