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Equestrian Center activities in Heather Farm Park

Region 5 Obstacle Challenge - May 14th and 15th
Registration 7:00 am, Walk-through of course at 8:00 am, riders scheduled on course ~9:00 am

Event Manager:Ellen Liebenberg 
Head Judge: Rene' Turnbull 
There will be 5 classes: 
Youth (under 18), Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Assisted. 

Youth riders may have an adult on the course with them, but no coaching is allowed. A responsible adult must be present at the arena while a youth rider is competing. Helmets are required for riders under 18. Assisted riders may be coached or on lead line. This class is intended for both youth and adults. It will be scored, but awards will not be given. 

Ribbons will be awarded through 6 place with prizes through 3rd place. 
Overall weekend prizes will be awarded in each class through third place. 

A rider may enter more than 1 horse for an additional entry fee. A horse may be entered in only 1 class in addition to Assisted Rider. The Assisted Rider class will compete last. 

You may check in Friday evening or Sat and Sun starting at 7 AM. The walk through will start at 8 AM on both days. The first class will begin approximately 30 min after the walk through is concluded. Advanced will go first, followed by Intermediate, Novice, Youth and Assisted. Free overnight camping is available Friday and Saturday nights. Pens must be set up in the practice arena. Rigs may be driven into the practice arena, and you may tie to your rig. Pens that require stakes to be driven into the ground (i.e. hotwire) will not work because the ground is too hard. Temporary rental pens may be available by reservation for a fee. Contact Ellen Liebenberg at 510-506-2600. There will be a raffle Saturday evening before the awards. Please bring an item to donate. It does not need to be brand new. This raffle helps to fund our awards. 

We are required to enforce the following rules: No alcoholic beverages. No smoking. Dogs must be leashed at all times. We must follow current Covid 19 health orders from the Contra Costa County Public Health Dept. which will require, among other things, wearing a mask when within 6 feet of others. Disposable masks will be provided. 

If you have questions call Ellen: 510-506-2600, or email: Liebenbergellen@gmail.com.