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Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek, CA

Join us as we celebrate the 2017 Day of the Horse on Sat Dec 9th! 

What is the National Day of the Horse? In 2004 the US Congress voted to recognize Dec 13th as the nationally observed annual Day of the Horse, a beautiful and hard working animal that helped us build our great country. The Equestrian Center of Walnut Creek and San Ramon Valley Horsemen will celebrate on Sat Dec 9th. The public is welcome to this festive, family-friendly, and free event! From 10am to 3pm you can watch exciting riding demonstrations in arenas including: cowboys n'cowgirls, gymkhana, 4-h horse members, mini horses, drill teams and much more! Our Snack Shack will be open with yummy lunch options and other great snacks and we will have a fabulous BBQ put on by the San Ramon Valley Horsemen at lunchtime. 

We invite you to bring a canned food donation for the Contra Costa County Food Bank....Let's do some good for those in need! We will also take donations to help horses and owners who have been devastated by recent and current wildfires in California. Thank you.

Notes to Demo Riders and Booth Contacts

Riders: please see attached schedule. We recognize it is a tight schedule but we want to keep the event moving along at a brisk pace so be warmed up and ready to ride at the time shown on the schedule. If we are running late, enjoy the extra time you and your horse(s) will have to warm up or hang out with other horse people!

All: You are encouraged to wear festive dress; Christmas, Hanukkah, etc—However this is optional. 

Riders: please dress your horse for the occasion too, be as fancy as you want. Again, optional.

All: Our warm up arena (small), bathrooms and Snack shack will be open early -- you are welcome to come as early as 8:00am. 

Riders: Please arrive so you can register no later than one hour prior to your scheduled time.

Booths: Please arrive by no later than 9am so your booths can be set up by 10am. If you can try to be "open for business" by 9:30am that would be great - thanks!

All: As soon as you can after you arrive, please come directly to registration to check in. Registration is in front of the small arena.

Riders: please bring your demo music (CD or iPad/iPod) and your legible(preferably typed) demo script (unless you will have your own announcer). You will get a wristband so we know you have signed a liability form.

All: We have had a lot of interest in this event, and parking will be tight. Please be patient with us and please follow the instructions of our parking lot attendants. Important: let your friends and family who are driving in cars know that they will likely be parking outside the arena as most of our parking lot will be filled with horse trailers, and booths.

Riders: We will have police tape around all horse trailer areas in an effort to keep the public from walking up to our horses. Please try to help us police this and gently escort any of the public that wanders into this area (look for those without wristbands) back to the other side of the tape- thanks! If a friend or family member wants to hang out by horse trailer please send them over to registration so they can sign a liability form and get a wristband.

Riders: please note that most of you should plan to show in half of our very large main arena. You will enter into it directly from the gate in the center of the warm-up arena. We suggest riding straight across for a Grand Entry! You can certainly use the entire arena IF you need the room to safely perform your demo. We prefer to keep the action in the front half of the arena as much as possible because most of the public will be in the *grandstands* in the front. We will have a gate person in the warm up arena to give you instructions and answer any questions you have. 

All: Come hungry! We will have the Snack Shack open with coffee, hot chocolate, muffins, hot dogs, salads, drinks, chips and cookies AND we will have BBQ Tri Tip and Chicken sandwiches grilled on site by SRVHA at lunch time.

All: If you are the contact for a group PLEASE forward this information to your participants

All: Please call or text either of our cell phones: Jane 925-822-5258 or Christina 925-348-2635 if you have any questions

We are looking forward to a fun day! Thank you so much for your participation!

We really appreciate your willingness to be an Ambassador for Horses with the public on DAY OF THE HORSE!

Interested in providing a Horse Demonstration at Day of the Horse 2017? If so, please complete form below by Dec 1 and please note:
1) Demos will be max 10min
2) You can provide a script for our announcer to read or you can provide your own announcer to read description of your demo. If you like, you can supply your own music on cd.
3) Time frame for demos is approx. 10:30-12noon, and 1pm to 2:30pm
4) Liability form for all riders must be signed upon arrival

Thank you for your interest in providing a Horse Demonstration at Day of the Horse we will be in contact asap!
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