The Equestrian Center of Walnut Creek

"Keeping Horses in the Heart of our Community"
Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek, CA

Obstacle Challenge July 14th

Registration 3:30pm, Walk-through of course at 5pm, riders scheduled on course immediately afterward

Please note: late fee if mailed after July 6th

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to Obstacle Challenge as well as intermediate and advanced competitors. You do not need to be a member of CSHA to enter but you can get more information about this program at the CSHA program page. Ribbons will be given in each class through 6th place and prizes through third place. There will be six classes: Advanced, Intermediate, Novice, Youth (17 and under), In Hand, and Assisted Rider. 

Unless otherwise noted, this competition will be conducted at a walk. Youth riders may have an adult on the course with them, but no coaching of any kind is allowed. A responsible adult must be present at the arena while the youth rider is competing. Assisted riders may either be coached or on a lead line. All assisted riders will receive a blue ribbon. A rider may enter more than 1 horse for an additional entry fee. A horse may be entered in only 1 class in addition to Assisted Rider. In the Assisted rider class a horse may be entered with an unlimited number of riders. The assisted rider class goes last for horses that are entered in other classes. 

Check in and late registration starts at 3:30 PM, walk through of the course is at 5 PM. The first class begins 20 min after the end of the walkthrough. Classes will be ridden in the following order: Advanced, Intermediate, Youth, Novice, In Hand, and Assisted. Awards will be presented after the last rider and tally of scores. A large warm up arena with practice obstacles will be available starting at noon on Saturday and on Sunday morning. The Obstacle Challenge course will be available for schooling Sunday morning. Food will be available on site Saturday after 5 PM. Overnight camping with flush toilets is available Saturday night. Provide your own pen which must be set up in the warm up arena. 

Sunday you may trail ride in the Shell Ridge Open Space, Diablo Foothills Regional Park, and Mt. Diablo State Park. Access to this open space is a short ride from the Equestrian Center. Maps will be available. Check out CSHA Obstacle Challenges on Facebook to learn of other events in Northern CA. FEES: Adults (18 & over) $45/horse Drug Testing and CSHA State Fees are included. Juniors (17 & under) $25 Assisted $10 Late Fee (mailed after July 6) $ 5 Camping $10 Drug Testing and CSHA TT State Fees are included. 

If you have questions call Ellen: 510-506-2600, or email: